Zeus Faber Diving center

Peninsula Lanterna

Beside diving from boat our diving center offers the possibility to dive from the shore from three different atractive location. All those locations are suitable for diving in case of  bad weather.


Valeta is situated infront of our diving center. On this location we use to organize the diving school and „check dives“. On one side there is an artificially made steg, and in the water can be found few small wracks. The seabottom is partially made of sand, while the lower parts are made of stone plato. On this location often are found seahorses between 2 and 4 meters.

The other two locations are about 400 meters from diving center.


Lanterna can be found on the end of the same-called peninsula, in front of the lighthous. The location is suitable for beginners because of its depth which goes from 6 to 20 meters. It is also interesting for advanced divers for the beauty  of the flora and fauna. This location is used mostly for night dives.


Marina can be found on the southern side of the peninsula. It’s made of two stone platoes, one on 6 meters and the other on 12 meter depth. Also suitable for night dives.